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The Rentle way.

We are proud of what we are doing - and we are proud of how we do it. 

It was September 2018. Rentle's founders understood that they needed to learn to better understand the challenges of running a rental operation. So they rented a caravan from their pilot customer, and set to drive around Finland meeting with rental businesses. 

The week was full of laughs, customer interviews, validations, experiments, coding and having design sprints in the caravan - always while one was driving the crew to the next customer. There was also time for a retreat to the Lapland nature - and discussions on values and culture and how should they evolve.

This is the Rentle way. Constantly driving forward, doing quality work and having the customers as a top priority. Remembering to have fun & laugh - and to have moments to stop and reflect. 


Everyday I'm grateful that I have the privilege to work with brave, passionate & growth-minded professionals. We enjoy learning and getting things done in a professional way. Whether a feature - or even a larger desk for the office as the old one grew small.

Tuomo - Co-founder, CEO


Fair salaries & compensation

Yes - quite a basic checkbox to tick off. But what we mean to say, is that we provide fair compensation. We have candid and realistic discussions, and we build up our resources as a company together.

Value your freetime

Most of us have a lifestyle that we are 'quite' passionate about. Skiing, wind surfing, sailing, coding, painting, CrossFit or hiking. Whatever the case, sometimes it comes before work - and we understand & support this.

Relaxed atmosphere

Are you passionate or growth-minded at what you do? Good. So are we - so we can leave the titles to some other place and focus on the interesting and important stuff at the office. 


We provide you with healthcare, and think of your well being. Start-ups can be hectic environments at times, and it is our collective responsibility to look after each other. Work remotely or have a sick day if needed - there is no need to ask for permission.


We provide our customers with the latest of technologies to power their businesses. This means that we need to constantly update our know-how. This is why your Udemy courses, seminars, books and other educational expenses are covered.


We travel to our customers. When we say, that everyone should visit a customer regularly - we mean that. Travelling is usually fun, and especially as we offer you with travel insurance, that covers also your private trips (and of course also activities like skiing during them).

Open Positions

Espoo - Finland

At AGrid in Otaniemi - the center of the next wave of Finnish startups sparking from Aalto University. Here we enjoy the close community of students, researchers and other start-ups.

Send your free-form application to


Where is this Remote? Well, where are you currently? We are building a global service, and apparently there is life outside Espoo, Finland also. 

Feel free to contact us, if Remote would be your way of working. You can check the open position under "Espoo - Finland" location.