Rentle Core is your complete rental solution

Everything you need to run a successful rental business

Rentle Core is the all-in-one rental software designed to make your rentals effortless

✔︎    Combine online & offline channels
✔︎    Easy to use
✔︎    Works on mobile and tablet

✔︎    Real-time order tracking
✔︎    All in one place

Rentle Core – the complete rental software

Intuitive rental software you can learn to use in minutes – no matter the size of your business

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Advanced online sales

Effortlessly run your day-to-day operations by creating linked product packages and automated rules with Rentle Core.


Self check-in solution

Handle high volume walk-in traffic with our self check-in solution. It works on your devices. It works on your customer’s device too. It’s a win-win!


Real-time order management

Every order is tracked automatically in real-time by Rentle Core so that you can concentrate on providing the very best customer experience.


Multi-location inventory

Combine multiple locations in one easy-to-use system. You always know where your inventory items are and where they are going next.


Multiple languages

Rentle Core comes with language support for over 10 languages so that your customers can always use your rental service in their native language.


Integrations and API

Rentle Core includes industry-specific integrations such as the Skidata integration for ski lift tickets and an API for custom needs. Integrations are added on a regular basis based on requests.

Improve your business both online and offline

Rentle Core is an all-in-one solution for your business needs. It ties together all your sales channels from walk-ins and partner sales to your online rental store. 

The impact is huge as you save time, and increase your revenues thanks to smooth operation and premium customer experience.


Rentle is already a good solution for running daily operations, but the most important factor, why I would recommend Rentle, is the vision about the future and speed of progress.

Lasse Niivuori - Managing Director Laajis Urban Outdoors

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Get started with your new all-in-one rental software!

Rentle Core is a powerful rental software to support your business both online and in-store.


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