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Rentle Core

1.90 €

/ Booking

Pay as you go - Flexible option for stores of all sizes.

4900 €



/ Year per store

Cap your costs per store - Best for high volume stores.

Our key features


Rentle Lite
Rentle Core
Hosted e-commerce website
Online bookings & sales
Checkout with & without payment
Product recommendations
Embeddable iframe
Wordpress plug-in
Advanced booking settings
Advanced product settings
Product variants
Store management solution
Rentle Lite
Rentle Core
Order fulfilment and tracking
Inventory management
API & Webhooks
Unlimited user accounts
User roles and permissions
Customer database
Marketing consent collection
Buffer & Maintenance times
Product packages
Manual booking creation
In-store check-in solution
Rentle Payments (in Europe)
Stripe Integration
Security deposits

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Whether you are setting up your first online rental store or looking to power a network of shops

Online store

Rentle Lite

Kick-start your online business with easy-to-use free rental software.

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Online store

Rentle Core

Combine your in-store and online bookings in one place.

✔ Advanced online store
✔ Store management solution
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Frequently asked questions

Are there any hidden fees in Rentle Lite?

No. Rentle Lite is a completely free online store. It is our way of helping you get started with online rentals quickly and without hassle.

If you choose to accept payments in your online store instead of only taking bookings with "Pay on pickup", these payment options may include fees.

What's the difference between Rentle Lite and Rentle Core?

Rentle Lite is a lightweight e-commerce only solution, that gets you started with online bookings and sales.

If you are in search of rental software for your in-store operation, walk-in customers, and need a complete store management software, we recommend Rentle Core.

What's the difference between the two Rentle Core billing options?

The only difference is how you pay for the subscription. Both billing options include the same features of Rentle Core. In practice, you can choose from two ways of paying for the use of Rentle Core:

1. Pay as you go model, where you pay 1.90 EUR for each booking or order created in your Rentle store.

2. A fixed annual fee of 4 900 EUR per store, with an unlimited amount of bookings or orders.


What is counted as a booking in the 'Pay as you go'-model?

Bookings are made out of the orders that have been created into Rentle from your online store, in-store, or connected platforms. A booking can have multiple products and participants, but it always has one starting time. 


Your customer creates a booking for June 6th starting at 10:00 and the order includes 6 bicycles.

The above is counted as one booking.

Whereas if the customer would create two bookings with separate starting times (one for June 6th 10:00 and another one for June 7th 11:00), they would count as two bookings.

In case you are using Rentle to sell products that are not booked as rentals but sold as products - each checkout is counted as a booking.

Does Rentle fit also retailers or large scale enterprise use?

Yes. Rentle is used both by small and large businesses. We've helped large enterprises with multiple retail stores to start a rental business without disrupting the existing retail business.

Contact us at and let's discuss your needs in more detail.

Can I get a discount if I invite local businesses to join together?

Yes! If you would like to invite other rental or activity businesses to join with you to boost the consumer experience at your destination - we are more than happy to discuss a group deal for you!

Can I get a discount if my organization is non-profit?

Yes! To discuss your pricing options, please send us an email to


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