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Rentle helps ski resorts, rental shops, and global retail chains to do better rental business.

Ecommerce and store management in one rental software

Provide a unified customer experience across every sales channel and manage everything in one easy-to-use backend that your team loves to use.

Rentle gives you all the tools and support you need to develop online and in-store rental processes based on your unique needs. Get started now.

The essentials for ski and snowboard rentals

Compare plans and pricing

Smarter inventory management

Rentle makes your inventory management easy. You can add as many pairs of skis, boots, snowboards, and relevant accessories to your inventory as you need and track them individually or in bulk.

Use barcodes and combine your equipment conveniently into product packages to improve your processes further. The usage details of your rental items are built into reports that can save you money and reveal new revenue opportunities.


Sell in every channel without a hassle

With our ski rental software, you sell and rent online and in-store without needing to worry about double bookings. When your online store and check-in kiosks are connected to your inventory in real-time, you'll always have an up-to-date picture of your available rental gear and reservations.

Collecting the necessary customer details for ski rentals in advance allows you to prepare the equipment for your customers before they arrive.


Automated waivers and DIN calculations

Create rental contracts and ask your customers to accept waivers automatically.

Rentle has all the necessary customer details and the ski binding settings according to the ISO standards stored and easily accessible whenever needed.


Multi-location support

Rentle tracks where your skis and snowboards are moving and keeps the local inventories automatically up-to-date in real-time. So if customers pick up from one location and drop off at another, there is no extra admin!


Customize according to your needs

Always have the full flexibility to customize Rentle according to your needs and changing situations.

Adding more check-in and working stations, limiting your online store's availabilities, or even setting up new stores is simple and can be done in minutes.


Sell lift tickets in your online store

Rentle integrates with your SKIDATA catalog allowing your customers to purchase their rental gear and lift tickets at one time.

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We calculated that the time our customers spend inside the shop queuing, waiting, and fitting the equipment was significantly reduced.

Ossi P. | Ounasvaara Ski Resort



Laajis replaced five apps with one rental software


Laajis has found Rentle's ski rental software very helpful in simplifying their tool stack, which has provided the resort significant savings in time.

The sport resort rents winter and summer equipment and sells lift tickets and ski lessons using Rentle.

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